Importance of the Charcoal

People often search the term how to make activated charcoal. The word charcoal means burning until reduced to charcoal. In today’s time there are many uses of charcoal such as improvement of soil, use as a byproduct, gunpowder is manufactured by charcoal, liquid gas absorption and the process of purification, applications in the field of medicines, helps to manufacture domestic fuel etc. There are many other several uses of charcoal but how to make activated charcoal is the question that can be utilized by the common persons as well as small manufacturing units in the progress of their life and business both. You can make it yourself or you can buy charcoal pills.

how to make activated charcoal

How to Make Activated Charcoal with Science

Now, how to make activated charcoal one has to be a basic knowledge of science and especially about the subject which is known as chemistry ‘the study of chemicals’. Charcoal is nothing but it is only a carbon which is converted into charcoal by few steps taken for manufacturing the charcoal. To convert carbon into charcoal its surface area has to be increased in order to make activated charcoal. Approximately it can be considered that for one gram charcoal five hundred square meters surface area should be there in order to make a good activated charcoal. There is attraction of chemicals when passing of the compound is made and at that time a poison which is known as antidote is produced and it is assumed that approximately seventy percent is being adsorbed by the charcoal at that time.

How to make Activated Charcoal in Large Scale

Actually, there are many benefits of charcoal i.e. is the reason why this product is being manufactured on a very large scale. If someone wants to use this charcoal for commercial purposes then it is available in the market in the form of liquids, powder, tablets etc. The question of how to make activated charcoal can be solved by answering of how to make it at home. It’s a chemical procedure but one should have all the required equipments and materials in order to complete the process of charcoal making. Now, charcoal is a form of carbon so it is advised to use a carbon which is nontoxic in nature to provide good results.

How to make activated charcoal one should collect all the resource and material before starting the procedure of making activated charcoal. There are few requirements which are the basic needs for making the charcoal such as blender, pail of plastic, zinc chloride or calcium chloride should be twenty five percent naturally concentrated, oven, sink which can burn, shells of coconut, water (sterilized form), tray. Here, these materials should be collected by the person to complete the process of charcoal making. It is recommended that all thing should be properly managed because once the procedure starts then it cannot be stopped in between because then it can spoil all the materials used in it resulting in failure of money, time and labor.

Now, once all the material is collected then the procedure of how to make activated charcoal starts. Firstly, the person has to select the strips of coconut which are satisfactory and wash these strips thoroughly so that no mud is on the strips after that keep these strips in the sun for drying because if these strips are not properly dried then they will not properly burn. In next step the person has to keep these strips into the container maintaining the temperature at least seven hundred to nine hundred degrees. For more than five to six hours approximately this temperature has to be maintained in order to complete the process. Now, once the these strips is burned down then wait till the strips are cool down after that bring the pail of plastic and replace the ash from container to pail. Then in pail use the zinc chloride or calcium chloride for pouring purposes. It has to be watched that ash of strips should be completely soaked the concentrated chloride. After, finishing this the person has to leave the pail for twenty four hours. It should be noted that pail should be covered from the top to bottom.

How to make Activated Charcoal — Finishing Touches

Now, once the person is completed this much procedure then how to make activated charcoal is very easy because after leaving the pail for twenty four hours the chemical procedure is also completely naturally and the person can find the activated charcoal. But the procedure is not ends here after waiting for twenty four hours. The person has to separate the chemical and charcoal in order to get good results. To bifurcate it the person has to use water for cleaning the charcoal thoroughly to get the rid from the solutions of chemicals which are involved in it. This cleaning is very important because if it is not done properly then the quality of the charcoal can be disturbed and it will not be considered a good quality charcoal.

After all this procedure complete the person has to transfer the charcoal from pail to tray for draining purposes. After few hours again the person has to shift the charcoal from tray to oven maintain the temperature of the oven approximately 220 to 240 degrees (Fahrenheit). The time to keep charcoal in the oven is approximately three to four hours. Now, here all the steps are completed for how to make activated charcoal and the person can take out the charcoal from oven and crushed it or if the person wants to make a powder then it can be done with the help of hammer. It is recommended that charcoal should be stored in containers which are airtight in nature or bags. Due to increase of utilization this process can be completed at home else this is available in the market as well as in any recognized drug store. In this way the person can complete the procedure of how to make activated charcoal.

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