Charcoal Pills — the Wonder Pill

Most of us might not have heard about charcoal pills because they are not very popular as yet. These pills are very effective in removing toxic substances from digestive track and improving digestion. These pills are also very useful in treating the poison cases and stomach pain. These pills treat stomach pain caused due to gas, indigestion and diarrhea. People who have used these pills find them very effective in treating these troubles. People who have to undergo dialysis because of kidney problems feel itching and these pills have been very effective in treating that itching. Drug overdose cases can also be treated with these magic pills. These pills are available in capsule and tablet forms which are easily digestible but they should not be used by people who have any kind of allergy towards charcoal. If your doctor is prescribing it, you must tell him if you are allergic to any other drug or any kind of serious illness like kidney or liver disease. You can buy Charcoal Pills.

Charcoal Pills

Charcoal Pills — Uses

These pills have also been found effective against insect bites. Toxins injected in the body through insect bites can be removed by these pills. Many people take charcoal pills without any prescription for treating diarrhea. You must discontinue the use of this medicine if there is no improvement in your condition. If you are on any other medication you must keep a gap of at least 2 hours before and after taking that medicine and then take these pills. The reason behind doing so is that charcoal reduces the effect of other drugs by binding to them and this can be a dangerous condition.

Charcoal Pills — Warnings

People with Liver or kidney problems must inform their doctor about it so that the dose of the medicine can be adjusted accordingly. At times certain tests are conducted so as to ensure safety of the usage of the medicine. Pregnant women must not take these pills without the consultation of their doctor though there are no known side effects of the medicine on the unborn baby. It is also not sure if the effect of charcoal pills can pass to the baby through breast milk but lactating mothers should inform the doctor if they breast feed. Doctors advise dosage according to your physical and medical condition.

In case of emergency if you cannot inform the doctors about the allergy towards these charcoal pills then they should be informed as soon as possible. One should also be very careful in taking this medicine and it should be taken according to the instructions of the doctor. Large dose or prolonged use of the medicine can also pose risk to health. The pills should be swallowed with one large glass of water without crushing or breaking it. The pills should be stored away from heat and moisture.

There is hardly any evident effect of missing a dose. Charcoal pills are usually taken as per requirement and there is hardly any scheduled dosage. On missing a dose take it as soon as your remember but if it is already time for the next dose, skip the missed dose and avoid overdose by taking two pills at a time. In case of overdose of these pills one must seek emergency medical assistance. Many people trust these pills so much that they always carry them when they leave their house. It can be really wise to carry them with you when you are travelling or going on holidays. When you are on holidays or travelling you eat at different places and this makes you an easy prey for food poisoning. These pills can be taken as a sure shot remedy against food poisoning or diarrhea due to unclean water or food.

Where to buy Charcoal Pills

These pills can be bought very easily as they are available at majority of the medical stores around you. You can also buy them online. These are available under so many brand names and the price varies according to the brand. Some of the online drug stores offer these charcoal pills at discounted rates. You do not need a prescription from a doctor to buy them. You just need to go online, look for the desired brand, compare the prices on different websites and place the order. It is as simple as that but it is advisable to consult your doctor before taking these pills especially if you are taking treatment for any other health problem.

Before buying charcoal pills and using them you must know that these can have side effects if not taken in right way and in appropriate dosage. To make sure that you get only the benefits take the pills as per the instructions given on the pack if not taking doctor’s advice. Remember it is better to take it less if unsure of the right dosage but never take its overdose to avoid any medical emergency. Charcoal Pills are good for you.

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