Activated Charcoal Powder: An effective antidote

Activated charcoal powder is cool. A black powdery substance in physical appearance, active charcoal, is a powerful adsorbent of poisonous substances. Owing to this property, activated charcoal powder is used as an effective antidote world-wide and has many applications. The powder adsorbs numerous inorganic, organic and harmful substances and therefore used in water and air filters. All across the world people use this black powdery substance as an antidote in poisoning. However, it is not helpful in poisoning cyanide, boric acid, alcohol and alkalis. You can also buy activated charcoal powder in the forum of charcoal pills.

How to use Activated Charcoal Powder

There are instances when people gulp down activated charcoal powder as it counteract any impact of poison which they might have ingested by mistake. This substance immediately inactivates the poisonous effect of drugs. Activated charcoal is neither metabolized nor absorbed or neutralized by human body. If the poisoning is caused by strong acidic or alkaline substances then ingesting of charcoal renders ineffective. If the victim of poisoning is conscious then he should be given emetic first before giving activated charcoal powder as it tends to neutralize emetic.

Impact of Activated Charcoal Powder

The impact of charcoal to cut down poisoning depends on several factors like the type of poisonous substance swallowed, quality and quantity of the charcoal swallowed, the substance present in intestinal fluid of the victim. Normally, a single dose of activated charcoal powder is given to the victim instantly after he has swallowed the poison. Quantity of the activated charcoal powder swallowed should be at least eight times more than the quantity of the toxic substance. For instance, if the victim has taken five gram of toxic substance then he should take forty grams of activated charcoal in order to counter act its effect. Some people say as an antidote, fifty grams of activated charcoal is to be taken as if you take lesser amount of it, it would render ineffective.

In case of emergency poisoning, activated charcoal powder should be taken in thirty minutes of swallowing poison. The more time you would take to ingest it, the less effective it would become. It is therefore advisable to keep the activated charcoal powder always in your access so that you can use it as soon as possible in case of any emergency. Charcoal has the capacity to attract innumerable harmful substances to its surface and to hold them there. It adsorbs harmful substances many times its own weight.
Of late, activated charcoal powder has found utility in cleaning toxic substances and drugs that may enter our body via your intestinal tract or by injecting. If you take multiple doses of active charcoal powder on daily basis, it would help your body to get detoxified. Ingesting regular dosages of active charcoal purifies your body completely in the following manners.

Activated Charcoal Powder Purifies

It purifies about eight liters of our body digestive fluids which our body secrets on daily basis. This in way eliminates foreign elements from our blood. Activated charcoal powder also absorbs the toxic substances and harmful metabolites that get accumulated in the small intestine of our digestive track. It adsorbs drugs also flush it out from our body. Taking it on the regular level, keeps the liver strong as it cuts down the detoxification work of liver. Also, it decreases the time any toxic substance takes to get eliminated from our system. It also reduces the intensity of the symptoms.

Some people take activated charcoal after consuming liquor or cocaine. No doubts, it is the best supplement for boosting up the process of detoxification. If the recent studies are to be believed, activated charcoal can be used as a powerful life-extending gent. It is used by several people to bring down the cholesterol and lipid level to the normal. When you use it on regular basis then adaptive functions of all of our vital organs like kidneys, adrenal glands and liver get improved which in turn would make the defense mechanism of our body stronger. So, people take activated charcoal powder for longevity of their life and for their better health.

Also, you can keep your heart as well as circulator system in top-notch condition by ingesting activated charcoal on regular basis. It helps in decreasing the concentration of cholesterol, triglycerides in the serum of our blood, brain, liver etc. Through close tissue examination, it was shown that a regular daily dose of activated charcoal cuts down the concentration of cholesterol, triglycerides and lipids in liver, brain, heart and blood. Studies have revealed that activated charcoal powder is effective in reducing the activities of viruses. Besides, daily dosages of activated charcoal, checks sclerotic changes in the coronary blood vessels of human body. As it reduces the activity of viruses therefore it can be taken in case of cold or flu.

Activated charcoal powder is helpful in reducing the harmful impact of bacteria that may enter into our body as they adsorb the poisonous substance and enzymes generated by these bacteria. Studies have shown that ingestion of activated charcoal powder is helpful in curbing cholera and dysentery and so many other infections of our body. Also, people have used activated charcoal in treating Candida albicans infections. Activated charcoal adsorbs all the toxins secreted by Candida albicans. Candida albicans is quite harmful as it causes allergic reactions in our body and hence consuming activated charcoal proves to be very helpful.

Apart from this, activated charcoal has been used by the physicians, to treat various intestinal problems. Bloating or abdominal distension can be successfully treated with activated charcoal. There are instances in which diarrhea caused by food poising can be treated by consuming activated charcoal. To alleviate diarrhea caused by food poisoning bacteria, people consume activated charcoal. There are some people who use activated charcoal to check bleeding, to curb ulcer colitis and also to check convulsions in colons.
When you take regular dosages of activated charcoal, you are less likely to suffer from diarrhea as it tends to counteract the products of decomposition which causes diarrhea. Some people say it is the most effective agent to counteract the effects of food poisoning. Consuming high dosage of it does not cause loss in appetite or restlessness. This post was about activated charcoal powder.