Activated Charcoal for Dogs

Activated Charcoal for Dogs is good for your dog. One of the main reasons for flatulence in cats and dogs is including a food element in the diet that is indigestible.  Most of the commercial foods for pets available in the market today consist of wheat and corn for providing the protein constituent in your pet’s diet. For some pets it is really difficult to digest certain food just like humans. When the food is undigested and remains in the intestine for long amount of time it becomes a ground for bacteria to breed. Due to this bacteria the pet has gas and often suffers from severe abdominal pain. Occasional gas attack is normal but if this happened on regular basis then it is a sign that the diet of your pet and his health in general is not at a good level. Buy charcoal pills for your dog.

activated charcoal for dogs

Activated Charcoal for Dogs — Taste

When the animals are in the wild area they tend to instinctively eat herbs that help them in the digestion process and also optimize the performance of the digestive system. So it is completely normal if you see your pet is eating grass. Some pets also like the taste of the grass according to certain vets. It has been centuries that berries, vegetables and fruits have become a part of the diet for canine. Although one does not want their pet eating grass if the grass in your garden is treated chemically. As far as handling and curing digestive problems is concerned our pets usually do not have access to the several kinds of herbs in comparison to their counterparts who live in the wild and thus are not capable of healing themselves. Just to get rid of this problem there are several remedies that can be adopted along with a change in diet of your pet.

One very popular remedy that is adopted is using activated charcoal for dogs. It is very easily available in drugstores and food stores. Activated charcoal for dogs works by absorbing gas in the digestive system. One can give a dosage of around a quarter to the dog who is below fifteen pounds, dogs between the fifteen to fifty pounds should be given half dosage and pets that are over fifty pounds can be given full amount. Activated charcoal is made generally by heating nutshells or wood on a temperature that is quite high or by oxidizing and exposing the raw material to air or steam. This whole process tends to make the carbon substantially porous.

Activated Charcoal for Dogs — Why it Works

It becomes so porous that an activated charcoal quantity of around one gram has the potential of containing a surface area that is equal to two courts of tennis. There are several other ways too of making the charcoal with the help of several chemicals. One must take precaution that when they are purchasing charcoal it should be of food grade category. Activated charcoal is used for several other purpose like removing the odor, improving the soil, filtering the water, for beauty and health purpose, for livestock and pets. One should however keep in mind that consumption of activated charcoal should be avoided within two hours of taking any supplement or medication and it would absorb the medicine and make it totally ineffective.

Activated charcoal has the inherent quality of being absorbent and thus binds the toxins that are present in your dog’s gastrointestinal tracts. For this same reason the dogs are given activated charcoal if they are poisoned or have been given over dosage of drugs or just to dogs that have ingested toxins by accident.  Activated charcoal for dogs is present in several forms like five gram compressed activated charcoal tablets usually found at chemist’s shop, granules or in powdered format.  Activated charcoal is also found some times in form of liquid accompanied with sorbitrol so as to increase the transit time to reach the gastrointestinal tract.

Activated Charcoal for Dogs — Dosage

However when it comes to pets the best way of administering activated charcoal is by the usage of activated charcoal for dogs compressed tablets. A single dosage consists is around compressed tablet of 5g for ten pound weight. It is usually the best to consult a reputed veterinarian so as to determine what is the most effective and appropriate dosage for dogs along with the frequency for giving the tablet. In order to avoid aspiration pneumonia or choking it is advised that administration of activated charcoal is carried out carefully and should never be given to a pet when it is in unconscious state as they are unable to swallow at during that time.

Many a times activated charcoal when given to dogs has the normal side effect of vomiting, diarrhea and constipation. Although activated charcoal for dogs works in most of the cases however there can be certain exceptions and it is best to consult with poison control or veterinarian. For example activated charcoal should be avoided if the dog has ingested a substance that is caustic. But is generally works well in most of the cases of poisoning but is not the cure and the dog should be immediately given symptomatic and supportive care from an experienced pet. Vomiting is generally the first sign of anything wrong happening with the dog thus the owner must quickly skip to activated charcoal if vomiting has already taken place.

Activated charcoal for dogs is amazingly porous and is able to bind effectively with theobromine and thus reducing poison absorption.  Activated charcoal for dogs absorbs a toxicant or chemical that helps in the facilitation of excretion through fasces. It acts like magnet that attracts and holds the toxicant to the surface to supplement the process of passing through the gastrointestinal passage without absorption by the body. It is recommended that the general dosage of activated charcoal for dogs should be around 1-3gm/kg of the dog’s body weight. The dosage of activated charcoal for dogs should be repeated after every four to eight hours at around half of the original dosage. If you have a pet at your home be sure that you also keep with yourself a sufficient dosage of activated charcoal for dogs.

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