Medicinal Charcoal

Medical charcoal has nothing to do with MMJ. Yes, both have medical in their name but one is a term for over the counter charcoal that has been approved for medical purposes. The other is a legalized drug. Medical charcoal is used for poisonings. It is believed that the pours inside activated charcoal binds to poisons in the body and makes it non-metabolizable. For medical uses, charcoal pills are used as well as liquid charcoal (activated charcoal premixed with water). You can go and buy activated charcoal bulk if you want to right now.

medical charcoal

Medical Charcoal Features

Medical charcoal comes in three forums: pills, powders, and liquid. The pill forum is good if one will know that they need the activated charcoal later on in the day. Powder forum is good if you need to measure out the dosage according to body weight. Liquid forum is good for emergency situations. This article will go about the activated charcoal uses of each forum.

Medical Charcoal Pills Uses

Charcoal pills can be used in a medical environment for poisonings, diarrhea, gas, and indigestion. You can buy medical charcoal at stores like Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid, and Safeway. What makes activated carbon good for these things is that the tiny pours at the microscopic levels absorb gas, poisons, and toxins. This is how it cures poisoning, diarrhea, gas, and indigestion.

Medical Charcoal Powder Uses

Medical charcoal powder is used for poisonings in the emergency room. When a patient comes in and it looks like he or she was poisoned by oral ingestion, doctors most commonly use activated charcoal powder to save the patient. Other methods like a stomach pump is rarely used now because activated charcoal is very effective and non-invasive. Usually, the dosage correlates to how much the person weights and how much poison the person is supposed to have ingested.

Medical Charcoal Liquid Uses

Medical charcoal liquid is a type of medical charcoal powder that is already mixed with water. It is usually in a container in ambulances for quick use in poisoning cases. This allows for quick deployment of medical charcoal to individuals who doctors believe have poisoned themselves. Medical liquid charcoal is sometimes used to detox the blood, however, this use is rare.

There are also over the counter uses of medical charcoal. You can buy charcoal pills to rid yourself of gas. This works because the tiny pours inside of activated charcoal absorbs gas in the intestines as well as gas causing foods. What this does is relieve individuals of excess gas.

Another use for activated charcoal is to prevent hangovers. It is believed that activated charcoal will absorb the toxins inside of alcohol that causes hangovers. Most anti-hangover pills are made from activated charcoal. You can make them yourself by buying charcoal pills online for a much lower price. Medical charcoal is also used to lower the effects of alcohol. Some studies have proven this but some studies have gotten mixed results. This article was about activated charcoal and the uses for medical charcoal.

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